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POPS Technologies LLC has been Developing and manufacturing dilution – dispensing systems and accessories for the Jan/San industry for nearly 20 years.

We provides robust and reliable equipment based on the end user’s experience, that is, easy to use and creates a positive chemistry delivery experience. At the same time we are investing in the future of dilution and dispensing equipment by developing innovative systems using new technologies.

Our goal is to compliment our clients with a full line of competitive, user friendly dilution and dispensing systems. Both our designers' time and prototyping are available to all potential customers. We has adopted a highly systematic and analytical approach based on traditional engineering methodologies. We offer consistent quality solutions.

We enjoy the creative process of coming up with new equipment or simply giving you standard equipment you know and trust.

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Atlanta, GA




Tel: 404-401-2404
Email: info@popstechnologies.com

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